Different team building activities

What are team building activities?

Team building is not an easy task. Keeping a team together is a very fruitful job and it requires the right amount of effort and rightly so. This is where we get the concept of team building activities. Team building activities provide a fun and entertaining way to keep the members of the team on the same page. Team building activities Dubai are very famous for their amusing and interactive nature. This also incorporates eLearning in UAE. Team building activities really help get the required attention from the team members. These activities also keep the team members indulged in the whole process.

Types of team building activities

If we generally categorize the team building activities, we will find out that there are four different groups of team building activities. These four categories are namely as follows:

  • Communication activities
  • problem solving and/or decision making activities
  • adaptability and/or planning activities
  • activities that focus on building trust

Each category or group of activities has its own set of further activities that are both fun and engaging at the same time. The core concept of these activities is to keep the team members active and focused on the job.

Disadvantages of team building

 Team building seems like all gains and no losses, however every ambitious thing that has advantages also brings with it its own set of disadvantages. In this article, we will also discuss some of the negative aspects of team building. They are listed below in this article.

Limited time/time restrictions

Every fruit takes its time to ripe. And so is the case with team building. Team building teaches the members professionalism and a lot of other fruitful things but it is not an instant process. Team building takes time and for someone who has a time limitation or a restriction, this can be a serious problem.

Extra expenditure and cost

Team building requires activities and these activities require money. Anything and everything in this world is not free and especially entertainment and fun does not come without a cost at all. Team building can be a hassle if you have a limited budget that you cannot spend on activities.

Irresponsible behavior

Team building activities are often perceived as an off day by the members. They just join in so that they can relax. While these team building activities also require equal amount of attention since they teach you a lot of good stuff, people still show irresponsible behavior towards them.