Guide to car detailing

Guide to car detailing

This article is basically a guide to car detailing. You will learn what car detailing is, the purpose of car detailing, the ways car detailing is done.

What is car detailing in Dubai?

Car detailing is basically the cleaning of the interior elements of an automobile which comprises of leather, natural fibers, plastics, etc.

For the cleaning of the interior of your car, various techniques like vacuuming or cleaning by help of steam are done.

The prices of the car detailing depends upon some factors such as the car’ condition, size of the vehicle, experience of the detailer, time taken to clean the car, etc.

What is the purpose of doing car detailing?

The purpose of doing car detailing is to protect the inside of your car so that it looks new for a very long time. Cleaning the surfaces present inside is not sufficient. To make and keep your car as new, car detailing is essential.

If you take your car to a detailer who is experienced and professional, then he will make your car look brand new. Also, through the car detailing, the value of your car gets increased.

How is car detailing done?

The car detailing is done in the following ways.

  1. Vacuuming: First of all, you have to vacuum the seats of your car, shelfs, cases, etc. There are some spaces where you can’t vacuum so for such spaces you can air compressors.
  2. Brushing: Brushing is done so that the rugs and carpets can be cleaned. Detailed brushing is done on the rugs so that the stains spots ca be removed. If you want an effective solution, then you can do cleaning by the help of steam.
  3. Cleaning of glass: There is cleaner for glass available. You can use that for the cleaning of glass. When the glass is cleaned, it looks sparkling and the driver can easily see what is outside.
  4. Cleaning of leather: There is a soap specifically for cleaning leather items or a cleaner for cleaning leather items. You can use that for your car. Use a moist cloth so you can remove the extra soap present in the areas that are soapy. If you want the cleaning to be effective, then you can use a conditioner that is specifically for leather items.
  5. Vacuuming again: Vacuuming again is very essential. If there is any dust or dirt remaining inside then it will be removed by vacuuming again.
  6. Cleaning: Use a detergent for cleaning and apply it on a piece of cloth. With the help of this cloth, clean the dashboards and you can even clean the windows.

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