3 creative and easy coffees to make at home

3 creative and easy coffees to make at home

Who does not love coffee? Everyone loves coffee and its taste. That’s the reason why people look up and down at vending machine to see if there is any box of instant coffee there! However, machines can give you simple coffee but home and friends can give some creative coffee yet you have to work for it a little. If you are ready for it so read below!

Vanilla Latte: If you love cream and the smell of coffee beans that melt on taste-buds and make you fall in love with them then vanilla latte is for you. To make this latte, you have to heat the milk in saucepan then add vanilla extract and one cup of brewed coffee in it and stir them in the milk. This is how it gets ready yet you can put cream over it and then serve it to delight everyone. You can serve it with vanilla or marble cake as well to add some edible item as well.

Classic Mocha: Chocolate is the love of everyone and the way its sweetness spread its whole net on the tongue is the feeling which everyone wants to feel. If you are also that person than classic mocha is for you. To make classic mocha put two spoons of cocoa powder in half cup of milk or four small of chocolate on milk and heat it in microwave. Store the milk and mixture after every thirty second to make foam. Meanwhile, brew instant or desired coffee and add it in milk and chocolate mixture. Stir spoon and put so much cream and chunk of chocolate with chocolate syrup on it to make it the yummiest.

Butter coffee: The smoothness of butter and that strong taste of coffee is the favorite of all food lovers. What if they are combined to make something more delightful? For your kind information, this combination already exists in the form of butter coffee. Butter coffee is the coffee which has butter as main ingredient. To make this coffee, you have to pour brewed coffee, butter and coconut oil in the blend and blend it until it get light brown and creamy. After achieving that form, pour it in cup and enjoy the evening. Science says it can help you to lose weight and energize yourself. So, do not do diet, make butter coffee and cut down weight happily.   So, these are top three creative coffee which you can make from any coffee beans in Dubai and enjoy your day!