Our office has been located at 220 West 15th Street, Kearney, Nebraska, since 1987, and the bricks used in the construction of the building came from the streets of Lexington, Nebraska.

About Us

Ross, Schroeder & George, LLC, is a Nebraska Limited Liability Company, whose members are William (Bill) J. Ross, Kent A. Schroeder and Kenneth (Ken) F. George; all of whom have many years of experience in practicing law in and about the Kearney, Nebraska, and surrounding area. Mr. Ross and Mr. Schroeder have been together for over forty (40) years. The firm engages in a general civil and criminal law practice from its office at 220 W 15th Street, Kearney, Nebraska, and currently has two associates:  D. Brandon Brinegar, who joined the firm in 2006, and Luke M. Simpson, joined the firm in 2010.